Cashflow Manager is all about…

Making excellent records a reality for business owners who have not been trained in accounting.

Cashflow Manager is the simple cash GST bookkeeping solution for nonaccountants.

  • Invoice Manager is the simple way to prepare invoices and manage sales and products on credit. (Incorporated in CashFlow Manager Gold)
  • Wages Manager is the amazingly simple program to manage employee wages and superannuation.
  • Cashflow Manager Gold is the complete small business bookkeeping solution for non-accountants.


Cashflow Manager Gold is a bundle package of: Cashflow Manager, Invoice Manager, and Wages Manager.


Cashflow Manager V10 – $300  Including Postage*.

Wages Manager V10 – $350 Including Postage*.

Cashflow Manager Gold V10 – $600 Including Postage*.

*Prices current as of 05/07/2016.